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Fallen leaves could lead to increased flooding

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – They are little problems that, by Tuesday, could be big problems.  This is what a stopped up storm drain looks like right now.  Add a couple of inches of heavy rain, and things get a lot worse very fast.

The concern of many is this could just be the beginning.  Standing water is always a problem when we get a lot of rain, but here's what makes this time of year much worse.  This Kirkwood drain is an example of how quickly falling leaves can make your local drainage system disappear.

Roris Moody's fight in south city is the same, a battle against leaves, and potential basement backups.  For him, it's personal.

In the city it's a team effort, so to speak, between MSD and the streets department.  And a spokesperson for the mayor's office tells us they’ve asked for help from residents too.  Be neighborly they say.

Moody hopes people will lend a hand, but he's still gearing up for the next round of rain in his basement apartment.

And all over the area, with rain coming and leaves gathering, MSD officials are hoping everyone will pitch in to deal with these very autumn like challenges.