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This powerful segment on ISIS went viral for exposing their secret weapon

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An Australian TV show host claims to have discovered ISIL’s secret weapon. Waleed Aly says group claims to be stronger and more organized than they actually are. They take credit for attacks whether or not they were ordered by the organization.

How does he know this? ISIS has published their tactic in their monthly magazine. They encourage supporters to take credit for DIY terrorist attacks so they don’t appear to be random killings.


“They don’t want you to know that they would quickly be crushed if they ever faced a proper army on a real battlefield. They want you to get angry, they want all of us to become hostile. Here is why, ISIL’s strategy is to split the world into two.” said Aly.

Aly says ISIS is like a doomsday cult. They want to start World War III by dividing the world into two camps. They want westerners to act hostile towards Muslims, and in turn, have those Muslims turn to ISIS in retaliation. This way Islamophobia helps ISIS achieve their goal.

He says that the group is very pleased with the way the attacks are playing out across the globe, “Since the atrocities in Paris Muslims have reportedly been threatened and attacked in England, America and here in Australia.”

The video has been shared on Facebook over 260,000 times. That is great news because everyone who sees it has a little more understanding about how the group is trying to divide the world. Their tactic then becomes less effective.