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Inmates being used for sandbagging in Kimmswick

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Just east of Imperial in the river town of Kimmswick, residents are once again racing the Mighty Mississippi.

Residents have had some success building up a gravel levee between the town and river. The town is utilizing between two and three dozen inmates as volunteers in the sandbagging effort.

Kimmswick Mayor Phil Stang and Emergency Management Director Gary Paszkiewicz said they could use more volunteers on Tuesday as sandbagging continues. They are asking people to gather in the parking lot of the Blue Owl.

Elsewhere in Jefferson County, Arnold residents are racing the Meramec River, trying to sandbag around several homes near the intersection of Electra and Convair. The effort there includes dozens of volunteers, including a Boy Scout troop from Columbia, Illinois.

About a dozen people were sandbagging Monday afternoon, because while the rain had stopped the rising Meramec had not. It was a muddy walk around the back of one home in particular, but that’s where volunteers were trying to create a barrier between the house and the water. Volunteers were calling for more sand, and more sandbaggers.