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Little boy gets crude Christmas gift instead of PlayStation 4

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WAKEFIELD, MA – One little boy found something he didn’t expect in a Christmas gift. Scott Lundy was devastated to find a fake Play Station 4 inside one of his presents. The console was made of wood and also something crude written on it.

His mom posted a picture of the present to Facebook with the following caption:

“My 9 yr old son ripped open the wrapping on a PS4 and yells YES THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER DAD CAN WE SET THIS UP NOW…. To my husband and sons surprise when they opened the box they didn’t find a PS4 ….They found a wooden replica PS4 in its place… This has ruined his belief in Santa.”

You can read the full Facebook post with the crude description here.

The Lundy family tells WFXT-TV that they returned the fake console to their local Target. The store gave them a new console, a game, and a $100 gift card. Target told the family this type of thing happens occasionally.

The family says they plan on writing a letter to Santa about the rogue elf.