NFL commissioner says St. Louis stadium proposal is, ‘inadequate’

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Relocation talk around the NFL is really starting to heat up. Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a 48-page report to all 32 teams, according to the LA Times.

Goodell described the stadium proposals in St. Louis, Oakland, and San Diego as unsatisfactory and inadequate. Also in the report, Goodell says the home markets had ample opportunity but did not develop their proposals sufficiently to ensure the retention of their NFL team.

Co-chairman of the St. Louis' NFL Stadium Task Force, Dave Peacock, tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he had heard the news and wouldn’t comment. “I’d be responding to a rumor,” he said.

The NFL has posted an article to their website clarifying reports of Goodell's letters to team owners. They say:

There are no opinions in the 48-page report on who should move or which of the proposed sites is better, per Rapoport, just facts to help the clubs decide during the owners' meeting scheduled to take place in Houston, Texas on January 12 and 13, 2016.

The main point of the report, per Rapoport, is that city leaders in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland missed their opportunity to improve their stadium situations.

What does this mean? It certainly opens the door for the Rams to pack up the moving vans, if chosen.

NFL owners still to have vote, which sets up a wild week in Houston coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. At least 24 league owners must vote to approve a move. The commissioner does not have a vote, but his strongly worded report is intended to provide objective information that will assist each club in making its own judgment on the proposals.

Earlier this week a Los Angeles relocation committee discussed the Rams, Chargers and Raider's applications. They also met with the backers of each project. The Chargers and Raiders have teamed to propose a stadium in Carson; the Rams want to build a stadium in Inglewood.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who did not attend, sent a one-page letter to Roger Goodell. He says that he supports the Chargers and Rams sharing the Inglewood stadium.

The Associated Press Reports that boisterous Los Angeles Rams fans gathered for a rally at the Coliseum on Saturday. They are heralding their NFL franchise’s possibly imminent return to Southern California after a 21-year sojourn in St. Louis.

In December the St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved a financing package for a $1.1 billion NFL stadium to be built just north of downtown along the Mississippi River.

The NFL says says St. Louis' proposal lacks financial certainty:

In two (St. Louis and San Diego), the plans are dependent on various contingencies, such as money from the league not yet approved or financing plans not passed through. They lack in certainty, financially speaking. The league funding allows $200 million for a new stadium, while the St. Louis proposal calls on $300 million.

These are images of the proposed NFL stadium in St. Louis: