Search suspended for missing toddler in Iron County

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IRON COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A toddler was reported missing Wednesday morning in Iron County.  Police were searching for the 3-year-old Titus Tackett in the bitter cold.  His body was found in a van about a mile away from his grandfather's home.

The Missouri Highway Patrol held a press conference to update the public about the search you can watch it here.  An autopsy will be conducted to determine if there was any foul play.  It is unclear how the boy got into the vehicle.

Tackett, reportedly wandered from the Lake Killarney area in the Arcadia Township. Titus was last seen wearing green underpants or diaper.  Temperatures in the area have been below freezing.

Titus lives in Potosi with his mother and grandmother. He was visiting the area when his parents left him at home with his grandfather.

Family friend Tiffany Thomlinson said the Titus' family realized he was missing around 1 a.m. and found the front door had been opened.

Authorities say the "shy, smart, adventurous" toddler has been caught before trying to escape.

Ironton is located about 80 miles south southwest of St. Louis.





Joe Millitzer February 10, 201612:49 pm

Missouri Highway Patrol Press Conference:

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Joe Millitzer February 10, 201612:44 pm

The van the child was found in was a mile away from the home he was missing from

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201612:43 pm

A neighbor spotted the child’s body in the vehicle.   It is unclear how he got in the van.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201612:38 pm

Titus Tackett  was found in a van with a blanket over his body

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201612:32 pm

The Missouri Highway Patrol says the toddler’s body has been found 

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:45 am

Investigators are breaking down equipment. The search appears to be over.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:44 am

A yellow sheet is now being placed in front of the van. This is typical when a body has been found.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:42 am

No one has been taken to the hospital in the ambulance. The coroner is on the scene.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:42 am

A woman arrived at the scene. Went to the van with the door open and broke into tears.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:38 am

The Missouri Highway Patrol has a news conference planned for 12:30pm.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:36 am

The FBI was at the home earlier Wednesday.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:35 am

There is another scene that searchers are at about 1 mile away from Titus’ grandfather’s home.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:32 am

Watch our livestream for video updates.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:28 am

The intensity of the search is over. Waiting on an update.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:27 am

Another van arrives on the scene. There is a siren on the vehicle.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:23 am

Many people have gathered around a dark colored van at the scene. The door of the vehicle is open.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:23 am

An ambulance has arrived on the scene. One EMS worker got out of the vehicle.

Joe Millitzer February 10, 201611:22 am

An ambulance has arrived on the scene. One EMS worker got out of the vehicle.