Contact 2: Refreshing resolution for Sears customer

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ST.LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Bonnie Baer hadn’t been living in St. Louis very long when she started having problems with the new refrigerator she purchased from Sears. The ice machine wasn’t working.

The technician’s unsuccessful repair attempts eventually resulted in Sears sending Bonnie a replacement fridge, but that’s when Bonnie said the real trouble began. When Sears workers came to remove the refrigerator and replace it with a new machine, Bonnie found the tile floor under the refrigerator had sustained water damage.

Bonnie’s floor needed to be fixed. She believed Sears should pay for the repairs because the refrigerator caused the damaged.

Over the next several months, Bonnie tried unsuccessfully to get Sears and Sedgwick, the company that handles claims for Sears, to refund the repair work needed to her kitchen floor.

That’s when Bonnie called Contact 2. It wasn’t long before a check for more than $2,200 arrived and Bonnie’s floor was fixed.

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