Lawnmower thieves take root in St. Ann neighborhood

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - Thieves are stealing lawn equipment in St. Ann and that’s frustrating homeowners trying to take care of their summer lawns.

“I hope police catch them, which they should; they’re pretty good here,” said resident Robert Bruce, who keeps his mower locked away.

On streets like St. Francis Lane and Westridge Lane, criminals have had no trouble stealing mowers from open garages, car ports, even mowers left in people’s front yards. Victims said it happens at night. Police said others have been taken in broad daylight.

“Typically this is when people are at work and criminals are aware of that,” St. Ann Police Lt. Dan Cowsert said.

It’s a crime of opportunity.

“These criminals are just driving up and down the streets until they see that opportunity and they take it,” Cowsert said.

Detectives said it’s happened as many as eight times in the past 10 days.

“If they want a lawn mower, let them go get a job and buy it,” Bruce said.

Police don’t have any suspects, but from years of experience believe the suspects to be drug addicts who turn the stolen property into quick cash.

“We’ve strongly encouraged our officers to spend a lot of time patrolling our subdivisions,” Cowsert said.

Police advise homeowners to lock up mowers and grass trimmers and don’t give thieves a chance to rip you off.