Flooring issue resolved thanks to Contact 2

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FESTUS, MO. (KTVI) – Michael Nickelson makes beautiful arrangements at his flower shop in Festus.

When it came time to beautify his home flooring, he went to his local home depot.

With the flooring paid for, sub-contractors came to install it.

Michael says they told him his kitchen wasn`t level, and fixing it would be costly.

"They told me they would have to hire a structural engineer to come out and look at the home before they could proceed and that they would need an extra $10,000 just to finish the kitchen floor for leveling," said Nickelson.

Michael took his concerns to the Festus store.

"I basically told them to come get the stuff out of my garage by 5 pm or i was going to set it on fire," added Nickelson.

The flooring was hauled away, but Michael tells us the charge hadn`t been removed from his credit card.

That changed when contact 2 got involved.

"And what did I do? I kept calling and calling, and calling the company and finally we were able to get some resolution for him,' said Contact 2 volunteer Ann Schaper.

Our volunteers worked with home depot to resolve the billing issue. Both sides chipped in to put the issue to rest.

We like to tell those Contact 2 success stories; stories that would not be possible without the help of our loyal volunteers.

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