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Muny and Shakespeare Festival goers applaud the break in the heat

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) - A break in the heat wave was applauded by theater goers at two different performances Monday night.  A few claps of thunder and some heavy rain were the result of a big change in the weather. A storm pounded south St. Louis. Trees were whipped by the winds as big rain drops slapped the roads and streets. It came down fast and heavy.

Rick Dildine is in charge of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis.  He said, “Mother Nature you roll with it, you just roll with it.”

And that’s just what Shakespeare fans did at the performance.  Rain made “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” a little damp. That was okay with a lot of folk.  Theater goer Liz Deken said, “I’d rather be wet than hot any day.”

Theater crews had to dry the stage so none of the actors slipped and broke a leg, even though for some reason that’s supposed to be a good luck wish for performers.

Deken added, “I thought it was going to be really hot. I brought a change of clothes from work and packed deodorants.”

Across Forest Park opening night at “The Wizard of Oz” was wet but no tornado, at least no real tornadoes.  The Muny Theater can get really warm even though they have those giant fans. Marlene Rhodes took her grandchildren to the musical. She said, “This feels so much better. I had the air on all day.  It is cooler and better.”  The weather delayed both performances from starting on time.