De Soto residents want solution to flooding problems

DE SOTO, MO (KTVI) - Residents in De Soto held a meeting Thursday to hopefully come up with a solution to their recent flooding problem.

Residents said the Joachim Creek has flooded three times in the past three years. Most recently, the creek flooded in August, closing off roughly 30 blocks of De Soto and forcing the evacuation at least 50 people from their homes.

At Thursday's meeting, the Army Corps of Engineers, state emergency management agency, and Jefferson County storm water personnel, made presentations about flooding in the area. Jefferson County storm water personnel said FEMA has set new boundaries for the county flood plain. The Army Corp of Engineers said they want to do a study of the area to understand the landscape and come up with the best solutions.

Residents are hoping for a solution fast before they are hit with another heavy rain.