Lambert Airport police to keep Social Security benefits

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Nearly 70 employees at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport were relieved to learn they'll get to keep their Social Security benefits.

In May, the airport workers were informed that despite paying into the Social Security system that they were ineligible to receive those benefits because of a decades-old agreement between the state of Missouri and the Social Security Administration.

On Wednesday, Senator Claire McCaskill helped police, city, union, and Social Security officials reach an agreement allowing the workers to keep their benefits.

“The rules were changing in the middle of the game and it was very unfair to them,” McCaskill said. “That's why I’m so pleased we were able to get it resolved for them in a way that will allow them to rest assured that their Social Security will be there for them just as it is for so many Americans.”

This agreement will not only protect the Social Security benefits of both current workers and future hires.