Weather watching on the agenda of many weekend events

While the lights were on at the Kirkwood Pioneer football stadium Friday, the skies provided illumination because Friday night football started at 4:30 p.m.

“The decision came after an athletic directors' meeting,” said Corey Nesslage, Kirkwood athletic director. “There was a lot of talk that after 7:00 tonight it was not looking good."

"Obviously, we can play in rain, but the thing that concerned us the most was the lightning. The other thing that played into that decision is that tomorrow is an ACT test date. And we didn't want to have our kids be here really late if the game got suspended with a 7:00 start time.”

While the St. Louis Art Fair is up and running this weekend in Clayton, artists wonder what Mother Nature will paint on the canvas that is the sky over Clayton.

Michigan artist Mark Orr was asked if a rain plan was a part of his palette.

“A rain plan? No, we don't have a rain plan,” said Orr. “If I have to close things down, we'll close down for a few minutes and open back up. We're going to be here no matter what.”

The St. Louis Art Fair continues on the streets of downtown Clayton Saturday and Sunday.