Changing the way a north county school district holds elections

FERGUSON – A town hall meeting at Wellspring Church in Ferguson addressed changes in the way the Ferguson-Florissant School District holds its election.

Earlier this year, a judge ruled the election process violated the Voting Rights Act.  The judge ordered elections be put on hold until a solution was found.

Options discussed at Thursday’s town hall, sponsored by the ACLU and NAACP, included dividing the district into 7 sub-districts. The change would ensure each sub-district would have a representative on the school board.

The ACLU does not believe the district is being racist, but believes a history of racial discrimination has led to racially polarized voting.

Another possible solution the ACLU is weighing is cumulative voting. If 3 candidates are running, voters would have several options. For example, they could cast 3 votes for one candidate, or split their votes between other candidates.

A school district attorney said the district will weigh in after it has a chance to review the options.

A judge wants to hear a solution from both sides next week. A final decision is expected before the end of the year.