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Mother fights off home intruder to save 8-year-old son

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CAHOKIA, IL (KPLR) - It was frightening "after-school" home invasion in Cahokia. A mother found a strange man in her home in the 100 block of Lazarcheff holding her son, 8, with his hand over the boy's mouth, she said.

Latasha Frison had just walked her son home from school, she said.  He was in the living room. She briefly walked out. When she came back into the room he wasn't alone, she said.

"I was very scared.  He had his hand in his pocket and his hand over my son’s mouth.  I didn’t know what he was going to say next,” Frison said.

She did not hear him come through her door but had seen him going house-to-house across the street.  The moment he took his hands off her son, she ran him off.

“When he let him go it was on,” Frison said.

She threw whatever she could get her hands on at him and immediately called police as he fled.

Police arrested him in the neighborhood moments later without incident.

The boy was not physically hurt but the safety of home has been forever violated for him, Frison said, for her, too.

“He’s OK.  But he’s still shocked.  He said the man came up behind him and just grabbed him.  He wasn’t able to scream…I just got home and let my son put his bags down and here you go some man’s in my living room.  He came and invaded my house, holding my child.  He deserves to bite the dust.”

She wanted neighbors to be aware and she wanted to make sure the man faced a stiff punishment.

“God knows what he could have done.  My son was fortunate.  God blessed us, someone was praying for us,” she said.

Cahokia police have presented a case to the St. Clair county state’s attorney seeking formal charges. The suspect, 40, remains jailed pending those charges.