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Will Trump’s campaign survive after shocking video surfaces? All eyes are on St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The new Trump tape and its potential fallout on his campaign is the focus of conversation leading into Sunday night's debate between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton at Washington University. The stakes of the debate may have just gotten a lot higher for Donald Trump after the release of that bombshell video.

Security is tightening as the debate grows closer. So is the anticipation of the huge event. All of the conversation leading up to the debate is about that stunning Trump video. We caught up with the executive editor of CNN Politics and also spoke by phone with a Washington University expert on presidential speech and rhetoric. Here is some of what they said about the Trump comments.

"There's been a lot of straws that have put on the camel's back, right now, that a lot of people have let go. This seems to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. When he is condoning sexual assault, that is very damning. We're already seeing the chairman of the Republican National Committee come out and criticize him for those remarks. We're starting to see senators and house members who are running for re-election are coming out and condemning those remarks. I don't know how Donald Trump gets beyond it." said CNN Politics Executive Editor Mark Preston. "It gives more incentive for people who might have been inclined to sit this election out to go and vote. It may increase the likelihood of people voting against him as opposed to necessarily voting for Hillary Clinton.

Some Republicans are already distancing themselves from Trump in the wake of his comments on the video. We will see Sunday night if Trump can move past this latest controversy.