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Raising teens and staying connected

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In this digital age, people are more connected than ever. But if you’re a parent raising a teen, it may often feel like your son or daughter is worlds away. As your child begins to distance themselves from you and grow into their person, the key to giving them the space they need while also keeping connected is balance. Dr. Rachel Glik visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to explain.

There’s not a college for becoming a parent, especially a parent of a teenager. Many of us remember the jolting sting when the ease of closeness and adoration with our little ones took a turn in adolescence. Between the hormones, the opposition, the increasing stressors, and let’s face it, modern day social toxicity; here we find a recipe for some challenging years.

Be Prepared
– Don’t assume you know it all.
– What will benefit your child in the long run?
– Learn as much as you can about parenting and teen development (read books/articles, seek counseling).

– Let your teen become who they were meant to be.
– Let them choose their own political views, personal style, sports teams.
– Ask open-ended questions.
– Don’t judge or criticize.
– Get to know their interests.

Listening and Presence
– Don’t preach and overload advice.
– Listen, empathize, be a sounding board.
– Don’t press your teens to talk.
– Be available.

– Do remind them how special they are.
– Comment on their positive attitude and choices.

– Don’t get reactive or name-call when teens misbehave.
– Help teens identify the root of their emotions.

– Do set limits and standards of behavior.
– Do teach them about respect.
– Do provide opportunities to earn.

Quality Time
– Don’t take your teens’ desire for space personally.
– Do keep offering choices for spending time together.
– Do provide family structure.