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St. Louis mother of four has a secret to losing 110lbs

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Lacey Ebert knew there was more to life than the hamster wheel she felt caught up on. Having attained what many may hope to–a successful career, rarely putting in less than 40 hours a week, a happy marriage, with four kids(including a set of twins), the stress of juggling it all was quickly catching up with her.

This past January, she was beginning to feel the strain the extra weight was putting on her body–and her life. “By the time I got home each night I just didn’t have the energy to give my kids the attention they deserved. I wanted to be able to have fun with them.”

She ran into a friend who lost a radical amount of fat, but more importantly, seemed more energetic than ever. “You could already see an amazing change in her, and I had seen her just three months prior–she now had energy and felt great. I wanted that,” she said.

Ebert discovered that friend was being coached by Charles D’Angelo, author of the bestselling self help book “Think and Grow Thin.” His work centers more on the mind than on muscle. She reached out to D’Angelo and after a meeting, was accepted as a coaching client. Less than a year later, she has lost 110lbs. The change has been nothing short of miraculous, impacting all areas of her life.

When you feel better about yourself and the way you look, I think you naturally are more confident. I feel so much better and feel like my performance at work has improved. I can give my kids all the energy and focus they deserve now.”

screenshot_2A study released earlier this year conducted jointly by North Carolina State University and University of Texas at Austin sought to discover how weight loss impacts those other areas–in particular, a person’s love life.  It found that in most of the cases of a partner losing weight, communication in the relationships improved, the couples grew closer emotionally, and often inspired the other to make healthy changes. When asked how it impacted her own marriage, Lacey said her husband has always been a tremendous supporter, regardless of her size. Ebert adds, “I sure think he likes the way I look a lot more now! He tells me that I look great all of the time.”

D’Angelo says that when a person begins to realize that impossible is just an opinion, change begins. “Many people have a story they’ve told themselves for years about why they can’t have what they want–bad genes, a traumatic history, or just being too busy to name a few I hear all the time. While there may be seeds to truth to each, none of those things have to stop you from reaching your goals. The real shift happens when you learn to stay in the present moment, not regretful over your past, or overly worried about the future. With that, you naturally learn to make good choices daily, week after week, month after month. With reinforcement, progress becomes certain, “D’Angelo said.

When asked what he believes makes this type of change happen in so so many he works with he tells Fox 2, “First off, I’ve been there. When you’ve suffered as a 360lbs person like I had as a teen, I believe it breeds in you a special gift to help others, since you viscerally have experienced that pain first hand. I know it’s my vocation to help free people from these bad patterns they find themselves in. Life can be magnificent. You’ve got to decide you’re worthy of going after what you want first, and then look for help from those that have done it. From there, it’s simply applying those strategies being flexible in moving toward your goals. If I can do, if Lacey can do it, YOU can do it,” he said.

Lacey says she hasn’t only changed her life, she’s inspired many others. “Last week I decided to post a picture of my transformation on Facebook. Honestly, I was a little nervous to do it. I was absolutely shocked when more than 120 people commented and over 350 people liked it…I didn’t get that kind of a response when I had my twins!”

When asked if she intends to keep with her disciplined D’Angelo lifestyle, she quickly retorted, “My life will forever be different. I never want to go back to my old ways. Charles taught me that to be this way, I will always have to make smart choices in eating and continue working out perpetually if I want to keep the fat off. That’s the price of the being the healthy me!” As for advice for others, “Charles was great for me because he is honest and direct. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. With that, accountability to him and myself, you achieve the change you want and need in your life.” Lacey is taking her new found love of fitness to the next level boasting “I started training for a 5k and plan to run one in November with my family.”