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Canadian man accused of rape claims he was too obese to commit crime

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OTTAWA, Canada (KTVI) – The lawyer for a man accused of choking and raping two sex workers said his client couldn’t have committed the crimes due to the man’s weight and penis size.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the crimes occurred in 2013. The victims testified they were attacked and choked in the backseat of Jacques Rouschop’s pickup truck.

Natasha Calvinho, Rouschop’s attorney, said her client believes he’s been targeted because police suspect he killed another sex worker, Amy Paul, in December 2013. Rouschop was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and choking that same month. At the time, Ottawa police publicly implicated Rouschop’s involvement in the murder, but he was never charged.

Calvinho acknowledged Rouschop, 44, has a decades-old criminal history. However, the attorney brought in a nurse to testify her client’s physical limitations prevented him from committing sexual assault.

The nurse, who volunteered to measure Rouschop, testified that Rouschop stands 5’6” tall with a 66-inch waist, 31-inch thighs, and a 1-inch penis (approximately 2 inches when erect). The nurse said Rouschop suffers from an umbilical hernia, measuring between 3.25 and 3.5 inches, which would make it far too painful to have intercourse.

Rouschop’s attorney said he weighed about 400 pounds at the time the crimes took place. The nurse testified she couldn’t get a current accurate weight because the scale at the jail only goes up to 320 pounds.