Ken Bone’s sweater becomes must-have Halloween costume

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - There hasn't been a “must have” Halloween costume this year so far this year. But thanks to the meteoric rise of debate-goer Ken Bone into the public consciousness following the second presidential debate, that has all changed.

Yes, the Ken Bone sweater is in high demand. Some retail analysts are now saying this may be the big seller right before Halloween. Ken is the man from the St. Louis area who asked a question during the second presidential debate. He instantly became an internet star and people are looking everywhere for his signature sweater. Sadly, very few exist.

He almost didn’t wear that sweater. He says he gained 30 pounds recently and when he went to get into his car the morning of the debate, he ripped his nice olive suit. So the red sweater was Plan B. In case you are wondering about that sweater, here it is. The "Men’s Cable Solid ¼ Zip Sweater" is now sold out at JCPenney online (the sweater is still available on Amazon as of Tuesday afternoon). The site says they don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

The big question now is if Ken Bone will actually sell that sweater. He could make a good chunk of money from an online auction because it's not only a high-demand clothing item, it is also now a piece of history. Thankfully for him this all happened just before Halloween during a year when there is no big Halloween trend and it happened on the biggest stage possible, the 2016 Presidential Debate.