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Lindenwood hosts ‘Kids Against Hunger’ charity food-packing sessions

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Volunteers turn-out for food-packing shifts this weekend, on the campus on Lindenwood University. Karl Leiber is a St. Charles native.

Leiber said, “This food specifically is going to local food pantries first. Local needs and schools. Like there's an example in Orchard Farm. They do a weekend package, so we put the food with the backpack, and they have an extra meal over the weekend. Overseas we currently are going to be in Haiti on Monday. So I will be leaving first thing Monday morning along with about 6 other gentleman. We currently have 250,000 meals on the ground in Port Au Prince, Haiti, but it's in a container.”

After the Friday night session the group will have packed 66,000 meals. Their goal for this effort is 250,000. What`s missing in that equation happens Saturday.

Among the dozens of volunteers here Friday night is Kelly Brauss, with Connection Christian Church.

Asked why she was helping, Brauss said, “Because it's our job to help those who need help. And this is an easy way to do that. The resources are here, it's planned, we just have to show up and do the work.”

Another volunteer is someone who benefitted from efforts like this. Estevenson Coleman is a St. Charles resident and Lindenwood student, now. But when he was a child in Haiti, he ate food provided by Kids Against Hunger.

Coleman said, “You could go to a restaurant with your family, or you could go to the pool with your family, but instead, you decided to come here and just pack meals for people that you don't even know. So I just want to say thank you for those who give of their time to pack.”

Leiber said if you’d like to help, log onto http://globalcompassionministries.com/ or call 314-499-3170 to sign up.