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USS Mason fired on again

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The Navy destroyer USS Mason, operating in the Red Sea, has again been fired upon by missiles from what the US believes are Houthi rebels operating from positions in Yemen.

The incident was revealed Saturday by Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson during a ship christening in Baltimore.

A US defense official said several missiles were fired at the ship, but they did not come close to it.

The Mason fired countermeasure defensive weapons, the official said. It is not clear whether it hit the incoming missiles.

The Mason and the crew are all safe, according to the US defense official.

It is also not clear yet whether the missiles the rebels fired were guided by radar sites or small spotting ships in the water.

NBC News first reported the latest firing.

Early Thursday, the US launched tomahawk cruise missiles into Yemen targeting radar sites in Houthi-held territory, sites the US claims were used to launch missiles in two previous incidents this week.

By Barbara Starr CNN Pentagon Correspondent