Act FAST recognizes stroke symptoms

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Act “FAST” when you notice someone having a stroke because strokes are treatable!

Washington University Neuro-interventional Surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital Dr. Akash Kansagra discusses the ways to spot a stroke occurring and acknowledge some medicines that have helped with strokes.

A blood vessel problem typically causes a stroke which restricts their brain from getting the blood flow it needs.

World Stroke Day is this Saturday and it’s important to know that strokes are treatable thanks to advancements in medicine.┬áThe efficient way to spot a stroke is through “FAST”: face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and time to call 911.┬áResponse time is crucial because clot-removal surgery is done within 7.3 hours.

The clot-busting drug TPA has been key in stroke treatment and survival for several years now but thrombectomies are relatively new. TPA medication can break up some of the blood clots, but it needs to be taken within four and half hours.

There are ways of helping someone with a stroke and it’s good for people to be aware of that.