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You Paid For It: Cahokia board cuts meetings, keeps pay the same

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI) - Cahokia residents are livid over a move by the Board of Trustees. The Board decided to go from two meetings a month to one meeting and kept their pay the same.

Right now they get $250 per meeting. That came to $500 per month. Now, even though they'll meet once a month, they'll still get $500.

They have been dealing with vocal citizens who have been criticizing their actions. Some citizens believe the Trustees just got tired of listening to them. Eliminating one of the meetings just gave them a chance to hear less from citizens.

FOX 2 Investigative Reporter Elliott Davis talked to one of the Trustees who is siding with citizens. Jerry Nichols says it is not fair to taxpayers to cut the number of meetings, and still give trustees the same pay.

Elliott tried to talk to Mayor Curtis McCall who supports the change, but he demanded that all questions be put in writing.