Prominent sculpture on SIUE campus goes into storage for possible relocation

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Erin Vigneau Dimrick, collections manager for the University Museum at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, is pleased as punch to tell you about Plumb Bob.

“Ten holes across, 48 holes down,” says Vigneau Dimrick. “There’s 480 elements hanging from the sculpture.”

An intricate design of dowel rods, the sculpture was installed in 1967, when the young university was still very new.

“Yasuhido Kobashi,” says Vigneau Dimrick. “So this building opened in ‘67 and four weeks later Kobashi came here and installed the sculpture.”

“It seems very playful and fits in with the building and the motif of the building and all that,” says Travus Copeland, Methods and Material.

St. Louis design firm HOK built the Morris University Center around the sculpture.

“Actually, the Goshen Lounge was designed around the sculpture,” says Greg Budzban/Dean College of Arts & Sciences. “So it was designed to be an integral part of this building right from the beginning.”

Dismantled and removed, measured and calculated, collected and curated – for the time being.

“There’s two wooden dowels hanging attached to each other on one line, so chopping it in middle is the best way to get the measurement for it,” says Copeland.

Now the sculpture that was meant to expand students' minds is being batted about in an idea for expansion on campus.

“We envision this sculpture being a part of the new atrium of our new performing arts center,” says Budzban.

And whether it’s in a new home or back in its original space, you can be Plumb Bob will be a pleasing site for students and alumni.