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60 animals rescued from property in western Missouri

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MARSHALL, Mo. (AP) _ Sixty animals ranging from dogs to miniature horses have been removed from a property in western Missouri after the owner determined he was unable to care for them.

The Humane Society of Missouri took control of the animals Thursday at the request of the owner of the property near Marshall in Saline County. The 59 animals include 49 dogs, five potbellied pigs, three miniature horses, two horses and a goat. The Humane Society says the animals were living outdoors in trash-strewn pens and enclosures.

The dogs were being taken to the Humane Society’s headquarters in St. Louis for veterinary exams and care. The pigs, horses and goat were going to the society’s Longmeadow Rescue ranch near Union. All of the animals will be put up for adoption.