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Musician has over $10K in instruments stolen from his home

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) – Victims of a weekend burglary in St. Peters say they feel they were targeted by thieves. It happened on Saturday night between 8:30 pm and 2 am that`s when Eric Johnson says he was out with his girlfriend and performing with his band Platinum Rock Legends at the Hollywood Casino.

When Johnson came home he discovered his home in the 100 block of Perching Lake Drive was broken into. Johnson says burglars came in through a back door and took over $10,000 in band equipment including two 6 string guitars. They also took wine, watches and dog medicine. Johnson says the loss is having a big impact on his livelihood.

'We feel like it’s an epidemic in St. Louis because it’s not just us but all over St. Louis there are bands that are reporting all of time that their trucks are getting broken into cars broken into now their stepping it up into houses." said Johnson

Johnson is also thankful to everyone who responded to his misfortune on Facebook. At this point St. Charles County Police, have not confirmed if they were a targeted and are still investigating the case.

'Criminals might be getting smarter their finding out when bands are playing when their playing maybe that`s the new way of casing the joint as you would say." Johnson said.