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Using your smartphone to make it home on New Year’s in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Police want you to make it home safely however you plan to celebrate the new year. Chief Sam Dotson says if you're going to drink, don't drive.

"We'll have extra officers out doing drunk driving enforcement. We're making sure that if we see impaired drivers that we stop them. And St. Louis City is a no refusal city. So if you're stopped and you refuse the breath test, we're going to go get a search warrant and take you the hospital and draw your blood. That's how serious I am, the prosecutor is, and the mayor are about keeping drunk drivers off the road this year," said Dotson.

Consider yourself warned. Local police will be busy keeping drunk drivers off the roads and so will taxi cab and ride share drivers.

Basil Rudawsky, President of St. Louis County Cab Company, says his drivers will be responding to five times the number of calls compared to typical Saturday night. To accommodate all those trips, Rudawsky says they'll have about 200 cabs on the roads. It's going to be a busy evening for drivers so Rudawsky asks passengers to be patient.

Unlike some ride share companies, St. Louis County Cab does not implement "surge pricing" on holidays and surrounding large events. You can book a ride by phone, app, or online at CountyCab.com.

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