Boyfriend proposes marriage in The Joplin Globe

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JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) _ A Joplin woman has said “Yes” after her boyfriend proposed marriage in the newspaper.

The Joplin Globe reports that the Christmas Day edition of the paper was sitting in the center of the coffee table when 27-year-old Racritia Hobson awoke. But she was busy with preparations and didn’t look at the paper until her boyfriend, 29-year-old Philip Myers, flipped it open to page 5C.

That’s when she saw the photos of herself and of their 10 years together. By the time she got to the line, “FINALLY, Will You Marry Me?” Myers had dropped to one knee, pulled the ring out of his pajama pocket and looked up at her.

After a moment or two of shock and lots of tears, she said, “Yes.”

Information from: Springfield News-Leader,