Chicago pledges improvements after scathing police report

Former Chicago Police Officer Dimitri Roberts said Donald Trump does not have a right to criticize Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the city's homicide rate.

CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago officials are pledging to revamp the city Police Department following a scathing federal report.

A change in presidential administrations could spell uncertainty, though, for negotiating a court-enforceable improvement plan with the Justice Department.

A report released Friday in the final days of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tenure found that police in the nation’s second-largest department had violated the constitutional rights of residents for years. They used excessive force frequently and shot at people who did not pose imminent threats.

The findings come just a week before Donald Trump is sworn in as president, marking a change from a Democratic White House that has strongly backed the review process to a Republican one that has expressed far less support for federally mandated overhauls of troubled police agencies.