Imposter burglars distract Ladue homeowner, steal jewelry

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LADUE, MO (KTVI) - A group posing as repairmen distracted an elderly resident and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry from his bedroom, Ladue police said.

Three men and a woman parked their red pickup truck in front of a home on Woodcrest Drive on a recent Saturday afternoon. They knocked on the back door of a home and a man in his 80s answered.

Ladue Police Captain Darin McClure described the “imposter” burglars as slick and engaging. One of them pretended as though he had worked with the man on a previous job.

“He goes, ‘Hey I was here before. I worked on your house. You remember? I want to show you some stuff outside,’” McClure said. “And it just went downhill from there.”

McClure said one of the men told the resident he would contact other neighbors about repairs to their homes.

When the homeowner’s wife arrived home, all four individuals boarded the truck and left the neighborhood.

The man soon discovered valuables missing.

“We know the jewelry was in the master bedroom. So, we know they went there,” Captain McClure said.

Ladue Police say the incident is isolated for now, but says it serves as a warning to all homeowners – especially the elderly.

“If somebody comes to your door, and you haven’t asked for any services, don’t hesitate to call police. That’s what we’re here for. “We want the community – not only the Ladue community, but surrounding communities to be aware of that.”

He said a giveaway that the suspects were in fact imposters was that they didn’t’ have a ladder in their truck, he said.

“For sure, if they’re coming by to do gutter work, they’re probably going to have a ladder on their truck.”