You Paid For It helps families with no heat

(KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team tackles the problem of people in cold homes because they have no heat. In many cases taxpayers are paying for them to stay in those homes.

We focused on one family in University City where the mother is disabled.

The St. Louis County Housing Authority moved her into a home in the summer.  But when winter came, she turned on the furnace and the heat didn't work.  She and her three small children spent the entire winter with no heat despite their pleas for help to the landlord and the Housing Authority.

She says it's her fourth move in two years caused by bad conditions at a home the Housing Authority moved her into.

Now the Housing Authority is finally going to move her to someplace new.

We also helped another family whose gas was turned off.

They're not on government assistance. They have three small kids. Between the wife and husband, they work three low paying jobs and don't make enough to make ends meet.  The family uses space heaters to stay warm which is something fire officials frown on because of the danger of a fire.

Ameren sent the family a disconnection notice to turn off their electric.

Their situation was too desperate for us to ignore.

We got involved and alerted Heat-Up St. Louis that rode to the rescue. It worked with various agencies to get their gas turned back on and keep their electric from being turned off.