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Bold thief places ‘trailer for sale’ ad before stealing it from church

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI) – A Granite City church congregation would like its trailer back after someone stole it during business hours and later tried to sell it elsewhere.

Pastor Larry Lacefield of Restoration Church said he got a strange message on Monday from a member of his congregation.

“A friend of his said, ‘I think this trailer for sale on Facebook…it belongs to you,’” Lacefield said.

The pastor didn’t believe it at first until he saw a picture of the trailer.

“A gentleman had taken a pic of the trailer and posted it on their Facebook website, and when he had a buyer, I guess he picked up (the) trailer and sure enough, off he went!” Lacefield said.

The brazen thief took a picture of the trailer in the Restoration Church loading dock, posted it on a Facebook ‘for sale’ page, then came and stole it during business hours.

The pastor said he last saw the trailer on Monday; then it was gone.

A spokesperson for the Granite City Police Department said officers have identified a suspect and are trying to locate that individual and the stolen trailer. The contact name on the ad selling trailer is “Danny Tubbs.”

The church has surveillance cameras on the building, except the loading dock area. The trailer was not locked up, but Pastor Lacefield said that will change in the future, if the church gets its trailer back.