Not-So-Smooth Criminal: Suspect steals credit card, tries to redeem rewards

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(KTVI) A credit card thief’s shopping spree came to an abrupt halt when he tried to boost his own rewards account.

Shrewsbury Police report Thomas Schneider of St. Peters, Missouri stole a Visa card from a bedroom dresser while he was working as a cable installer.

Schneider then headed to West County Center in Des Peres, where he allegedly made purchases at a Chinese restaurant, a shoe store and another retail outlet, Lt. Brian Catlett said.

Surveillance images provided to Fox 2 show Schneider walking through the food court at the shopping center, Catlett said.

The fun came to an end, however, when Schneider allegedly became overconfident.

“He was so greedy, that at the shoe store, he tried to use his own rewards number to generate some additional points on his own account, while using the victim’s stolen card,” Catlett said.

It didn’t end there. Detectives report that Schneider made another inquiry - this time, a personal one directed at the cashier.

“He also tried to get a date with the clerk,” Catlett said. “So, not the brightest guy in the world here.”

Schneider, 23, is charged with receiving stolen property, a felony.

Catlett said the criminal behavior is not representative of the cable company. But he said the incident should serve as a reminder for people to secure their belongings.

“Everybody has vendors come over to their house for various things. And it’s important to be home. It’s important to keep an eye on them,” he said.

Richmond Heights Police report a similar case. Andrew Frye, 27, of St. Louis, was charged with receiving stolen property after he allegedly stole a wallet from an unlocked locker at The Heights Recreation Center. Police said he used the card at the Lids store at the St. Louis Galleria and provided a name for a store rewards account.