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Rise in premiums exposed 2 Americas on health care

Some 49% of Americans want Trump and Congress to either expand Obamacare or continue implementing the law as it is, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Thursday, December 1, 2016.

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Former President Barack Obama’s health care law rewrote the rules for people buying their own health insurance, creating winners and losers.

Americans helped by financial subsidies in “Obamacare” now fear being harmed if Republicans repeal and replace the law.

But those who also buy their own plans and don’t qualify for financial help are hoping their premiums will go down and they’ll get more options.

The law required insurers to accept all customers, regardless of medical problems. Policies had to be upgraded to meet new federal standards for comprehensive benefits, raising premiums. And many of the new customers trned out to be sicker than insurers expected, pushing rates even higher.

Those who qualified for subsidies had some protection.

But those who didn’t wound up bearing the full cost.