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Informational meeting on St. Louis city MetroLink expansion

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-A major possible expansion of Metrolink north and south of downtown St. Louis was the focus of a meeting this morning. The St. Louis Regional Chamber and the group Citizens for Modern Transit put on the event downtown.

Authorities discussed a study that's underway to see if expanding Metrolink in the city is feasible. The proposal is to expand Metrolink north of downtown to near 70 and Goodfellow and south of downtown to 55 and Bayless. There is also a plan to serve the area where the new NGA campus is being built.

Officials with the main firm running the study say there could be many benefits.
"To get young people to move here or to stay here if they`ve gone to school here and to stay in St. Louis and you know buy homes and everything like that- that`s one of the benefits. It`s also looking to redevelop areas that really need that redevelopment," said project manager Dan Meyers. The possible city expansion totals about 14 miles and could cost up to $1.4 billion.

A similar study about potentially expanding Metrolink in the county is set to start soon. At this point nothing is finalized.

Both studies will extend into 2018 and would eventually go before the East-West Gateway Council before any kind of final approval would be given to move forward with any definitive plan.

The city of St. Louis is paying $2 million for the study on potential city expansion to be done.

The city study is expected to take about 18 months-it started in December.

The county study, which is looking at four different routes, is slated to take 12-months and should start in late spring.