Allergy expert discusses early start to spring allergy season

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – This winter, many have noticed their allergies flaring up because of the weird fluctuations between warm and cold weather. Now, the trees and flowers are already beginning to bloom and spring allergy season is starting earlier than expected.  With the early start to allergy season, it is important to be prepared for any allergy related emergency.

An allergy related emergency can stem from anything ranging from a bee sting and pollen inhalation to eating certain foods like peanuts or shell-fish.  Each of these can spark different reactions, but there are supplements and tools that can be used to prevent serious medical emergencies such as over the counter medications or epi-pens.

Dr. Kim Waterhouse, an immunology doctor with SSM Health, joins us for more on the early arrival of spring allergy season.

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