Saint Louis University making massive budget cuts; eliminating over 100 jobs

St. Louis University will make massive budget cuts this week which will affect staff member's jobs. We are told the affected employees could learn their fate on Tuesday. In addition, the University is eliminating 130 vacant positions.

St. Louis University is cutting about 120 staff and administrator positions. SLU President Fred Pestello sent a campus-wide email about the cuts. The laid off employees will be offered a severance package, insurance, and continued tuition remission.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that it is part of a university wide effort to cut the operating budget. Between a decline in enrollment and an uptick in expenses, the operating budget fell into a $16 million deficit this past fiscal year, and is projected to do the same for the next few years unless cuts are made, according to university leaders.

SLU leaders say the goal is to find, through cuts or income-generating opportunities, at least $40 million but up to $80 million to avoid future cuts and to give remaining employees a pay raise.