Meet the officers who helped save the life of woman shot outside Schnucks

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LADUE, MO (KTVI) – A woman shot by her estranged husband in a Schnucks parking lot earlier this week is now out of a medically-induced coma. Kat Hutson was shot several times by her husband and likely would have bled to death if it hadn't been for two Ladue police officers.

When Kat Hutson pulled into the Schnucks parking lot just before 5 a.m. on Monday, her husband was waiting for her. When she got out of her vehicle, Michael Hutson he fired several bullets into her body.

A Ladue officer across the street heard the gunfire and called it in. Within minutes, he and Officer Julia Crews were at the victim's side and began immediate first aid.

"There was a lot of blood and you have to try and find where it is coming from," said Officer Crews.

Hutson had been shot nine times. One of the bullets severed the artery in her shoulder and she was losing a lot of blood. Officer Crews quickly began apply a blood clotting powder to her more serious wounds.

Crews shrugs off the label of hero, saying she was just doing her job. She also credits good teamwork between officers and paramedics. With news of Kat Hutson's continued recovery, Officer Crews is hoping to pay her a visit very soon.

"I just want to give her a big hug. I'm just so happy she survived it, it's a miracle that everything aligned right that we were able to get there so fast and have the resources that we do to help save lives," said Crews.

Officer Austin Medlin was the other Ladue officer who helped Hutson. He was unavailable for an interview Friday.

Michael Hutson was found dead in his vehicle from a self-inflicted gunshot wound approximately two hours after he shot his wife.

A GoFundMe campaign for Kat Hutson has raised nearly $10,000.