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Homeowner says burglar broke into residence twice in two days

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A south city homeowner was targeted by a burglar two days in a row. But the second time, the resident got a call from his alarm company, prompting him to contact police. The suspect was caught in the act.

Homeowner Jason Foerstel said the thief took a video game console, games, tablets, chargers, and cash; about $800 worth of stuff. On Wednesday morning, it appeared the thief came back for another expensive item.

“The police have been actually awesome. Responded as quick as they could,” Foerstel said.

Foerstel was overjoyed the way police have handled the burglaries at his home. He said a man had been in the neighborhood near Bonita Avenue for several weeks, looking for odd jobs and using different stories as to why he needed the money.

Foerstel said he hired the man to rake leaves, but that ultimately turned into a nightmare.

“I felt like I was taken advantage of,” he said. “I felt a lot of betrayal.”

Foerstel has a doorbell camera. On Tuesday, the camera showed the man looking around Foerstel’s home.

When Foerstel later got home from work, he found the back door to his house was smashed in and $800 worth of possessions stolen. The home alarm did not go off. The video showed the suspect was carrying a water bottle; the same kind of water bottle that was found inside the house. Foerstel said he does not purchase that kind of water.

While at work Wednesday morning, Foerstel’s alarm company alerted him that suspicious activity was happening at the back door of his home. The alarm company called police. By the time Foerstel got home, police had the suspect in custody and some evidence recovered.

“…he came back for the TV. It was a new 65-inch model,” Foerstel said. “I just want a shout out to the St. Louis Police Department; awesome job, very quick response.”

Police recovered the TV, but it was broken in the theft. The suspect remains jailed awaiting formal charges.