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Drunk driver goes airborne after speeding into roundabout in England

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PETERBOROUGH, England – Newly released video from a police department in England shows a drunk-driving accident in which a vehicle is launched some 15 feet into the air after striking a roundabout at high speeds.

According to a police report, the accident happened last December, but the video was only just released because the driver was recently sentenced.

In the video, a 32-year-old woman speeds past a cargo truck while on a single carriageway—more commonly known as an “undivided highway” in the United States—before hitting a roundabout and going airborne. The car struck a tree and landed on its roof.

Shockingly, the woman was traveling with her then 19-month-old son in the car. Both the woman and her child survived the horrific crash and suffered only minor injuries.

The driver tested nearly three times the legal limit. She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and DUI and was sentenced April 10 to 26 weeks in prison.