Union businesses and residents hope avoid repeat of 2015 flooding

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UNION, MO (KTVI) - Union Missouri residents and business are very concerned as heavy rain is headed our way and they are watching the river levels very closely.

With the record downpours expected this weekend, area rivers are continuously rising, and the forecast brings some anxiety and fears for families in Union Missouri. Many homes were heavily damaged by the 2015 flood waters, "We have been doing reconstruction since September and we just painted and was going to move back in Thursday. On Friday, I talked to the city engineer and he said we would have possibly flooding," said Stacy Blincoe.

So with shovels in their hands, the family and dozens of volunteers filled sandbags to try and protect their homes and try not to relive the nightmare all over again

"I have six children and five still live at home .We have to uproot awhile its financially horrible because we are renting and paying a house payment , it's devastating " said Blinceo.

In 2015 the Bourbeuse River had some Union residents trapped in their homes as flood waters covered yards and driveways

Also in Union, MO the Dickey Bub’s store has put an all hands on deck call for help to evacuate the store ahead of flooding and relocate merchandise.  If you can recall the Bourbeuse River also flooded the store and the McDonald’s significantly in 2015 .