Forecast summary of potential flooding on St. Louis area rivers

The Gateway Arch as seen along the Mississippi River in June 2008. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTV) – Summary of Potential Impacts on Area Rivers Based on Current Projections.

Cuivre River (Lincoln County…north of St. Louis)
– Near crest and will begin to fall this evening
– Hwy 61 remains closed until water drops below about 28 feet in Troy

Missouri River:
– Moderate to major flooding expected. A lot of water from the Gasconade River is forecast to flow into the Missouri river.  The National Weather Service expects a potentially major increase in river forecast levels on the Missouri River Sunday night.

Meramec River:
-Record flooding is already occurring Steelville.
-Record flooding is forecast for the river near Sullivan, 3 feet over the old record.

Meramec River in Pacific, Eureka and Valley Park….
– All forecast within about a foot of the December 2015’s record flooding. This will result in similar impacts as that event.
– I-44 is likely to close between 109 and Bowles.
-141 will be close.
– Soccer Park may flood with significant damage likely

Meramec River in Arnold
– River forecast to crest about 3 feet below the previous record
– Numerous evacuations are likely in low lying neighborhoods south of the City Park

Big River
– Record flooding is forecast at nearly all locations on the Big River

Kaskaskia River in Illinois
– Near record crest in Vandalia

Mississippi River
– Forecast crest for St. Louis is about 40ft. That makes it #9 on the record, and higher than the crest of 2015.