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A mother’s heart wrenching story after son killed by Pam Hupp

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Margaret Burch

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – For the first time – you’re going to hear from the mother of Pam Hupp’s victim. Hupp shot and killed Louis Gumpenberger, claiming he was invading her home. Prosecutors say it was cold blooded murder. Now the mother left behind has asked to tell her story to Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes. See the exclusive interview tonight at 10pm on FOX 2.

Hupp is charged with murdering 33-year-old Louis Gumpenberer last year at her O’Fallon home. She told police Gumpenberger tried to kidnap her. Prosecutors contend his death was designed to divert suspicion from Hupp in the slaying of another woman. She is woman accused of killing the disabled man to distract attention from her in another slaying will have her case heard by a jury from western Missouri.

A St. Charles County judge has ordered that jurors for the murder trial of Pamela Hupp be chosen in Clay County, northeast of Kansas City. They will be brought to St. Charles for the trial, scheduled to start Oct. 3.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Hupp’s attorneys asked for an outside jury because her case has received intense media coverage.