Some Jefferson County residents breathe a sigh of relief cautiously

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CEDAR HILL, MO (KTVI) – Some of the worst flooding has happened in Jefferson County where the Big River crested Monday afternoon.

The river crested at a record high at around 31 feet. The good news is the water is now going down, but the bad news is there is a lot of clean up to be done

In Cedar Hill people, have marked historic flood levels along the sides of old buildings and say now, none of those markings could be seen.

More than 20 county roads are closed because of high water, making them impassable.

There is fear that norther Jefferson County could become landlocked if MoDOT closes a portion of I-55 near the Meramec Bottom Road exit later this week when the Meramec river is expected to crest.

In Byrnes Mill the Big River was creeping up into residents back yards getting very close to homes before it crested.

Some residents were pretty worried until they started to see the water marks where the water was going down.

The Big River feeds into the Meramec River so residents say typically flood waters here recede quickly but with the Meramec being so full too they aren`t really sure what to expect.