Mandatory evacuation underway in Valley Park

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VALLEY PARK, MO (KTVI)-Thousands of sandbags surround the St. Louis County Police Department West County Precinct located at 232 Vance Road. Hundreds of volunteers and police showed up Monday morning (May 1) to help protect the building from the rising flood waters.

With help from the National Guard, the efforts wrapped up after 11 p.m. Monday. Police expect by noon Tuesday, the water will covering Vance Road and may have reached the precinct.

Police removed important records, evidence, furniture and other essentials from the building. The department set up a temporary precinct at the County Emergency Operations Center.

Captain Tim Cunningham when the storm hit in 2015, the West County Precinct took on 18-19 inches of water in the building with devastating results.

‘That time, we ran out of time, we ran out of daylight, and we didn`t have any volunteers,” said Cunningham. “It was 20 of us trying to frantically do what we could do.’

Cunningham said he was “humbled” by the turnout Monday to help with sandbagging efforts.

Valley Park Mayor Mike Pennise issued a mandatory evacuation for people in the city living in the levee protected area.

Residents must be out by noon Tuesday.