Indiana city court burdened with large caseload

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GARY, Ind. (AP) _ A northwestern Indiana city’s municipal court is facing a caseload that far exceeds the combined number of pending cases for the rest of the city and town courts in its county.

The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports that according to state records and court officials, there are more than 200,000 pending cases in the Gary court. Almost 83,000 are traffic infractions.

Judge Deidre R. Monroe says the city’s high unemployment means people are unable to pay fines right away, so their cases stay open longer.

Prosecutor Bernard Carter says another problem is the court’s lack of the Courtview computerized case management system.

The city court may be absorbed by the Lake Superior Court. Gary City Council President Ron Brewer says he fears the number of pending cases would rise if that happens.
Information from: The Times