Relax, everybody; Six Flags is not flooded

EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – Every time there is significant flooding, count on seeing embellished or straight-up inaccurate news and information being passed around by someone you know on social media. And while it’s not necessarily malicious in intent, it is false nonetheless, and can cause undue stress or worry.

As the St. Louis area copes with near-record flooding, an aerial photo has made the rounds on social media showing a roller coaster underwater. It’s been identified as Six Flags St. Louis.

Erik Lesser, EPA

Well-known fact-checking site debunked the posts.

The photo in question is of a Six Flags theme park, just not the one in Eureka. In September 2009, heavy rainfall in the southeast caused the Chattahoochee River to overflow its banks and flood Six Flags Over Georgia. The Daily Mail documented the flooding at the time and used a picture from freelance photographer Erik Lesser for the European Pressphoto Agency.

Six Flags St. Louis addressed the latest controversy on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Six Flags St. Louis management has had to refute inaccurate claims of flooding. The same picture popped up in January 2016 with some claiming the park had been inundated with water.