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Elementary school students perform ‘live wax museum’ for history assignment

O’FALLON, IL (KTVI) – There they stood, like little wax figures of icons throughout the ages.

“This is our fifth-grade live wax museum. And the boys and girls have chosen a famous American who has had some significant impact on American history or culture, and they've had to read a book about them and research about them, which turned into a speech,” said Ann Neighbors, fifth-grade teacher at Delores Moye Elementary School and event organizer.

The interactive art project began in January. Fourth and fifth-grade students at Delores Moye Elementary School in O’Fallon, Illinois were tasked with bringing their historical figure to life.

“They've really gotten into it and learned more about their characters and also their classmates’ characters, and they've learned more about who their friend was researching,” Neighbors said.