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Stranger danger alert in St. Ann

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The St. Ann Police Department issued a stranger danger warning Thursday about a man approaching women on the street.

St. Ann police shared a post on social media about recent cases of men approaching grown women in strange ways that could’ve easily made them victims of abductions. While no cases have been reported in St. Ann, they have heard of incidents in various areas of north St. Louis County.

“I read posts from women who said they were approached by a man in a blue car,” said Mary Kay Nolen, spokeswoman for the St. Ann Police Department. “One asked for the lighter and the man started to get out of the car. The other one stopped and wanted to see a woman’s baby and she took off running.”

At this point, they’re asking the public to call police if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood and to never approach a car if someone you don’t know is trying to lure you over.